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If you want to participate in my blog as a guest blogger, you are welcome.

1. What should you do if you want to blog?

You must send the article to the e-mail: ineedmotivations@gmail.com

The article must be in Word format, it must contain a photo of the blogger and a photo (with its source) to liven up the article.

All articles will be subject to an approval process.

2. Topics you can write about

Only articles on a topic related to topics mentioned below will be accepted. Some examples are:

Digital Marketing
Electronic commerce
Community Manager
Online reputation management
Digital company
Digital Marketing Strategies
Marketing on mobile devices
Social media marketing
Personal marketing
Metrics and Web Analytics
Other topics of digital marketing
PPC – Pay Per Click
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Usability and conversion
Health beauty
Home Improvement
Topics related to the above

3. Characteristics of the articles to be published

To publish an article it must meet the following characteristics:

It must be completely original content from the person submitting the article.
The submitted article cannot be published in any other Blog, Website or Social Network.
The article must be approved technically to guarantee the quality of the Blog.
The article must be at least 1,200 words long.
No promotion can be made to private companies with commercial intent in the article.
The article can only have an external link in the body to the creator’s blog (it cannot be a company).

4. What are the benefits of blogging?

The benefits you will have when writing on the blog are:

Strengthening the blogger’s image :
Guest blogger posts have the blogger’s photo and credit is given and a link will be made to the guest blogger’s blog.
My blog exceeds 20,000 sessions per month, which will provide great visibility to people interested in marketing, digital marketing, social media and digital transformation.
The domain authority (MOZ DA) of my website is: 20
Articles are promoted with my social media accounts, including Twitter which has more than 80,000 followers interested in the topics of marketing, digital marketing, social media and digital transformation.
The articles published on the blog have an excellent search engine optimization (SEO).
Strengthening blog and social networks :
The article has an external link to the blog which generates traffic and improves its search engine positioning.
The article has a link to the blogger’s social networks, which allows his community to grow.

5. Do follow links to my website as a counter service

As a counter service, the author of the article must put two Do follow links from his blog to my website from two existing articles (as they are existing articles, it does not imply additional work).

I count on your participation !!!

Any questions I will gladly answer.

You must send the article to the e-mail: ineedmotivations@gmail.com

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