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What’s Mahashivratri and What to do on Mahashivratri Puja?

What’s Mahashivratri and What to do on Mahashivratri Puja?

Mahashivratri is an annual competition celebrated within the month of Magha of the Hindu lunar calendar, in the course of the arrival of summer season. The competition is devoted to Lord Shiva the place He’s worshipped with fervor throughout India, Nepal, and different nations by the Hindu inhabitants. Devotees folks the Shiva temple and worship the Shivling, an iconic illustration of Lord Shiva by performing Abhishek rituals. On this present day and evening, the aura is believed to be extremely charged with non secular vibes thus makes a really opportune time for indulging in non secular actions and attracting the divine grace of Lord Shiva. Devotees observe full day quick and night-vigil and take part in actions like singing Bhajans, reciting hymns devoted to Lord Shiva or listening to Shiva tales, studying scriptures, performing Shivling Abhishek, meditating, and extra.

Attention-grabbing story about Mahashivratri Vrat

Legends state that when to deliver amicability between the ever-fighting Devtas (Demi-Gods) and Asuras (Demons), Lord Vishnu recommended them to carry out Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean of milk) to retrieve the nectar of immortality. God and Demons each agreed to this and all celestial beings agreed to take part on this in depth course of. Mount Mandara turned the churning rod, Vasuki – King of Naga (serpent) agreed to be the churning rope and Lord Vishnu took the type of Kurma (tortoise) to help the highly effective Mandara mountain.

When the churning started the very first thing that emerged from the ocean was the Halahal Vish which was a deadly poison that would destroy all of the creation. All of the Devtas and Asuras prayed to Lord Shiva for His assist. Lord Shiva being ever compassionate consumed the Halahal Vish and saved the creation. Nonetheless, Parvati-His divine consort obtained fearful in regards to the impression of the poison on Lord Shiva. So, She positioned Her hand on His throat to stop the poison from flowing down additional. She did this for one complete day and evening whereas fasting. The poison being held within the throat of Lord Shiva prompted it to show blue and He since then is known as the Neelkantha – the One with blue throat. And the vigil and quick which Goddess Parvati noticed has been adopted as a convention since then by the devotees in the course of the Mahashivratri.

The right way to carry out Mahashivratri puja


primarily consists of Abhishek of Shivling and observing the entire day and evening quick. A lot of the devotees observe the entire evening vigil and carry out Mahashivratri puja. All through the day devotees additionally chant the Shiva Panchakshari mantra – Om Namah Shivay. Performing Mahashivratri puja is believed to draw the divine grace of Lord Shiva and bestow good well being, prosperity, and non secular progress. It helps relieve all struggling and absolve all sins.

Observing Vrat:

One should rise early and take tub and take a vow to look at Vrat for all the day and evening with full devotion. One can partake in gentle meals consisting of milk, fruits, and dishes fabricated from sago or Samo rice relying upon their alternative. Some devotees observe Nirjal Vrat, the place they abstain from taking any meal and ingesting water. Fasting helps prepared the thoughts and physique to drive and focus the thoughts inwards and strengthen intentions.

Performing Shivling Abhishek:

The Mahashivratri puja is completed by performing Shivling Abhishek within the dwelling or Shiva temple. Place Shivling in such a place that the Yoni faces the north and the individual performing the puja faces the west aspect of Lingam. Sit on a Wool or Kusha Aasan and apply tilak on the brow. You might also smear Vibhuti as Tripund Tilak on the brow and put on a mala fabricated from Rudraksha beads.

Mild incense sticks and decorates the puja altar with flowers. Mild a ghee lamp and supply prayers to Lord Ganesh earlier than the start of puja. Start the puja by first providing water ideally combined with Ganga Jal adopted by numerous choices like milk, rose water, fruit juices, and Panchamrit (mixture of ghee, milk, sugar, honey, and milk). For these performing puja for 4 prahars of the evening (4 models), they need to supply water within the first Prahar, curd in the course of the second, ghee in the course of the third, and honey in the course of the fourth prahar.

Chant Panchakshari mantra whereas performing rituals of Abhishek. Additionally supply Bilva leaves or garland fabricated from Bilva leaves and adorn the Shivling with flowers to Shivling Sandal paste or Ashtagandha.  After completion of Shivling Abhishek, carry out Aarti utilizing a ghee lamp and supply fruits as Naivaidya to Lord Shiva. After the completion of Aarti, distribute the fruits as prasad and eat them. Conclude the Vrat (quick)  by consuming an everyday meal after taking tub after the top of the Chaturdashi Tithi after the fourth prahar .

Mahashivratri is the evening of awakening for devotees when one drives his consciousness inward to churn and purify themselves of any unfavourable ideas, ignorance, and limiting beliefs and expertise the pure state of tranquillity and divinity inside.

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